Saturday, October 6, 2007


alritey then.. its been.. like 2 months since my last post =.="

i dno.. in the past 2 months a lot has happened.. but i cant remember much XD.. [ppl are gonna tell me to blog more often then] blahblahblah blogging takes up so much time and energy 1 la.. no got time.. must study for shit like EE and 1010 and like prepare for my double lab tmr =[ 6 hrs of labs.. GFG! //wrists. like wtf? fkn gaygAyayygAyY NEneNenneN!

but okay.. ill try remember the main shit going from most recent to.. back in time! >_<" or in any random order =]

well.. last night.. i decided to try like.. this new tea i bought from the royal show.. i bought three packs.. one is like normal one for everyday shit and then another one has ginseng and all these other goodies to help fight the baddies and the third one.. wow gg.. senna green tea.. gfg.. its a weightloss one right.. and i woke up this morning because i felt like taking a !@#$ SOOOOOOOOO DAMNNNNNNNNN BADDDDD LOL like worse than LOL. roflroflrofl but man GG only gonna take this on the weekends otherwise.. GG UNI. need to or si every 15 minutes LAWL :D

okay.. and then.. lets see wat else has happened.. oo0oh epic fridays.. lol.. epic fridays.. bahahaha originated from the first day when kwan ka seng and i were studying late [lolx] and we decided to go back to mine to like cook up a storm.. and man this was one friggin massive storm it was like omgot hail thunder lightning tornadoes bambam like holy shit! we had sooooo much to eat it wasnt funny =.=" and we were cooking for about 3-4 hrs :D hahahaha then after that.. it became sort of like a tradition to have epic fridays =_=" cept this week was different =O there was no epic friday =[ instead most of us went to pasar malam [some fail food fair at curtin] and i quote from naruto/kevin K "man coming here makes me wanna study harder at uwa aye, i dont wanna come to this shithole" HAAHAHA. it was like rOFLzzZ yup.. food fair failed.. couldnt eat anything.. everything look so dirty 1.

on thursdAY it was the UWA food fair.. this was a little better coz it wasnt as packed because curtin has WAYYYYYYYYYYY too many fobs.. lolol i called up glen and asked if he wanted to come.. so he came and bam hes like in love with ba gua now LOLOLX yup.. rarararar

wednesday.. talent night at utopia.. linnyyyYY renina and jason were performing xD haha [wasted a nights worth of a study for these three.. tsktsk] lolxx yupyup..

hrMm wed-friday was awesome :) best 3 days of my life heheheehee ^__^v <3

ya.. wat else to blog about.. oh and i got a haircut on that monday.. pretty good.. like.. got it cut at this korean place on william st.. gg more fobs cant speak english but theyre alrite at cuttin hair =] woopwoop~ after walking around for ages back n forth back n forth it was worth it haha :D

yep now i cbf blogging because im watching steven lim and xiaxue ROFLZ fuck you leong al ur fault !!!

over n out


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- z a r a t h o s - said...

most fkn leet vids EVER!